Tuesday, September 6, 2011

All Metro Ph-III stations to have rainwater harvesting

In a bid to decrease its carbon footprint and to conserve groundwater, Delhi Metro plans to have rainwater harvesting system in every station in the third phase. A Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) spokesperson said, "The system will be used to replenish the groundwater table in areas where stations are located." At present, around 80 stations will have the system in place. "Their number will go up as the project progresses."
Rainwater will be collected not just from the station premises, specifically the rooftop, but also from the viaducts or the elevated tracks on which the trains run. "DMRC includes rainwater harvesting as part of the station construction contract," said the official. Several existing stations already have the system in place.
The system is simple. After rainwater is collected in pits made specially for the purpose, it is drained into a harvesting well - a borewell - through storm-water pipes and manholes. The water then percolates down to the subsoil through numerous layers of sand, gravel and boulders.

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  1. Its such a wonderful news because rain harvesting is very important thing nowadays, it helps to save regular water resources and we can used this water for regular works, for eg. in toilets, for washing clothes, washing vehicles etc.