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Varieties of Rice in India

Rice Varieties in All India   

Rice forms an integral part of the life of all Indians. The harvesting area of rice in India is the largest in the world. Rice cultivation is found in all the states of India.

ASD-16 Rice

ASD-17 Rice

Gauri Rice

Gayatri Rice

Hari Rice

Heera Rice

HKR-120 Rice

IET-10222 Rice

IET-8548 Rice

Jaya Rice

Kalyani-II Rice

Kanak Rice

Karna Rice

Kshira Rice

Lalat Rice

Mahaveera Rice

MDU-3 Rice

Moti Rice

Narendra Dhan-118 Rice

Padmini Rice

Panvel-2 Rice

Pathara Rice

Prasanna Rice

Ratnagiri-1 Rice

Ratnagiri-2 Rice

Seshu Rice

Sonasali Rice

Sravani Rice

Srinivas Rice

Tara Rice

Vanaprabha Rice

Vikas Rice

Vikramarya Rice

Vivek Dhan-62 Rice

VL Dhan-163 Rice

Rice Varieties in East India 

It is said that the roots of rice lie in East India. Research studies show that the indica variety of rice was first domesticated in south of the Himalayas within a region spanning eastern India, Myanmar and Thailand.

Today, the Eastern part of India is of special importance with regard to food security in India. About 30 million tonnes of the total 82 million tonnes, that is more than one-third of rice produced in India in 1998/99, were contributed by East Indian States.

Almost all the states in East India cultivate rice but there are four major states. They are :
·         West Bengal
      ·         Bihar
      ·         Orissa
      ·         Assam

Ajaya Rice

Amulya Rice

Anjali Rice

Annada Rice

Birsa Dhan-101 Rice

Birsa Dhan-201 Rice

Birsa Dhan-202 Rice

Birsa Gora-102 Rice

Boro Rice

BR-34 Rice

Chelarai Rice

CNM Rice

Dharitri Rice

Golak Rice

IET-1136 Rice

IET-2233 Rice

IR-20 Rice

IR-36 Rice

Jaladhi-1 Rice

Jaladhi-2 Rice

Janki Rice

Jayamati Rice

Ketaki joha Rice

Konark Rice

Kunti Rice

Lachit rice

Lakhimi Rice

Laxmi Rice

Luit Rice

Monoharsali Rice

Patna Rice

Phou-oibi Rice

Punsi Rice

Rajendra Dhan Rice

Ratna Rice

Salivahana Rice

Saraswati Rice

Sita Rice

Sneha Rice

Sugandha Rice

Tulsi Rice

Uydyagiri Rice

Rice Varieties in North India        

Rice forms an integral part of the life of all Indians. The main states covering rice cultivation in North India are
·         Punjab
      ·         Haryana
      ·         Uttar Pradesh
      ·         Jammu and Kashmir
      ·         Himachal Pradesh

Aditya Rice

Barkat Rice

Cauveri Rice

Chakia-59 Rice

China Rice

Cross-116 Rice

Dhan Narendra-1 Rice

Giza-14 Rice

Govind Rice

Himalaya Rice

Indian Basmati Rice

IR-579 Rice

Jalmagan Rice

Jhona-349 Rice

Karishma Rice

Malviya Dhan-36 Rice

N-8 Rice

Narendra-80 Rice

PR 106 Rice

PR-103 Rice

PR-4141 Rice

Prasad Rice

Pusa-169 Rice

Saket-4 Rice

Taichung Native-1 Rice

Tawi Rice

Type-21 Rice

Type-3 Rice

USAR-1 Rice

VL Dhan Rice

VLK-Dhan-39 Rice

Rice Varieties in South India 

Rice is the staple food of all Indians. Infact in India rice is worshipped. Harvest festival or Sankranthi is all about celebrating rice in India. Particularly in South India, rice plays an important role. It is the main grain cultivated in this region and it is a nourishing food that people subsist on every day of their life. It is no wonder that there is a festival dedicated to the almighty rice. Equally worshipped are the cow, the man's best partner and the elements earth, sun and water, who make, growing and cultivating of rice possible.

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ADT (R) 46

ADT-37 Rice

ADT-38 Rice

ADT-39 Rice

Amrut Rice

Annapurna-28 Rice

Chengalpattu Sirumani Rice

Improved White Ponni Rice

Jagannath Rice

Kadaikazhuthan Rice

Kaliyan Samba Rice

Kallimadaiyan Rice

Kallundai Rice

Kappa Samba Rice

Karnataka Hill Paddy-5 Rice

Kattu Kuthalam Rice

Kaum Rice

Kothmala-Golukulu Rice

Krishna Anjana Rice

Kudaivazhai Rice

Kullakkar Rice

Kuzhiyadichan Rice

Lakshmi Kajal Rice

Nagarjuna Rice

Neelan Samba Rice

Phalguna Rice

Pitchavari Rice

Prakash Rice

Pusa-44 Rice

Ravi Rice

Rohini Rice

Sabari Rice

Sadakar Rice

Samba Mahsuri Rice

Samba Mosanam Rice

Samba Rice

Seeraga Samba Rice

Sivappu kuruvikar Rice

Sona Masuri Rice

Thangam Samba Rice

Thooyamallee Rice

Rice Varieties in West India 

Rice forms an integral part of the life of all Indians. The harvesting area of rice in India is the largest in the world. Rice cultivation is found in all the states of India. The major states covering rice cultivation in West India are :

  ·         Gujarat
      ·         Madhya Pradesh
      ·         Maharashtra

Ambika Rice

CR-138-928 Rice

Garima Rice

GR-102 Rice

GR-103 Rice

GR-11 Rice

GR-3 Rice

GR-4 Rice

GR-5 Rice

Guar Rice

Indrayani Rice

IR-8 Rice

Jawahar Dhan-75 Rice

Karjat Rice

KMDP-1 Rice

KMDP-2 Rice

Kranti Rice

Lalloo-14 Rice

Panvel-1 Rice

Prabhavati Rice

Purva Rice

Ratnagiri-3 Rice

Ratnagiri-68-1 Rice

Ratnagiri-73-1 Rice

Sahyadri Rice

Sakoli-7 Rice

Sathi-34-36 Rice

SKL-6 Rice

SLR-51214 Rice

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