Saturday, October 1, 2011

Medicinal Plant- Analivegam/Devil Tree

Common name: Sinnappalai, Devil Tree
Scientific name:  Alstonia venenata R.BR.
 Parts used: roots and fruits

Commercial importance:  it can used for treating pitta, cobra bite, skin diseases, other venomous bites, epilepsy, fever and otalgia. Fruits are useful in insanity and epilepsy. The latex is used in treating coughs, throat sores and fever. It is a remedy for impure blood. the seeds of Alstonia venenata as an aphrodisiac and stimulant in their tantric sex rituals.
How to cultivate
 Plant seeds just under the surface (0.5cm) in a well drained mixture, (potting mix:perlite:washed sand) in full sun. Keep moist until germination. They are drought tolerant and hardy species once established.

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