Thursday, October 13, 2011

Technology in Agriculture

In this modern era each and every sector is getting modernized and so the agriculture sector. Agriculture technologies are fast improving day by day and the modern farmers are equipped with latest agricultural technologies. With the introduction of science in traditional farming, agriculture sector is improving each moment and new technologies helps to utilize each and every nook and corner of the available land and provides profit out of it. Agriculture technology introduced more and more innovative equipment and ideas which in turn help to reduce the energy and time required for farming. With the introduction of agriculture technology many sectors such as seed, horticulture, fisheries, water management, food technology, animal husbandry, dairy farming, sericulture, mushroom cultivation, dairy products, floriculture, pest management etc got benefited.

Technology used with Seeds

Seeds are the base of farming as they as used to produce the next generation of plants. With the introduction of agriculture technology high yielding varieties of hybrid seeds are developed after crossing the disease resistant and high yielding parents. Besides producing quality seeds they are processed used the high end technology to improve the shelf life of the seeds. Different processing techniques like drying, cleaning, upgrading etc are done. Seeds are then treated and packed for storage.

Technology in horticulture

Horticulture is the cultivation of plants and for cultivating plants in adverse conditions poly houses are constructed. If a plant requires heat but is in a cool season atmosphere then poly house can incorporate heating facilities and thus cultivate the crop easily. Similarly cooling techniques, shading, fertigation, photo period control, computerized control systems that can regulate light intensity, co2, relative humidity, nutrient requirement, plant protection, moisture management etc are also introduced in the poly houses for providing the ideal climatic condition for the plants. Cold storage systems are introduced to store the fruits and vegetables and agriculture technology also managed to maintain this cooling system while transporting them to the end user.

Technology in Dairy industry

Dairy industry has introduced many techniques for mulching the animal, storage of milk, pasteurization, packing and distribution of milk to the distant user. Flexible sachets of water proof bags are the greatest advantage of technology. Agriculture technology plays a major role in quality control of the milk so as to avoid infection of milk from cow, from the people handling it etc and for transporting it safely to the customers.  With the help of latest equipment the production dairy products and by products such ghee, butter, paneer, lassi, shrikand, kheer, cream, skim milk etc became easy.

Technologies in Fisheries

In fisheries from fishing to processing and packaging, agriculture technology has an immense role. There are different types of fishing crafts for fishing in sea and inland and there are trawlers, ring net boats, light attraction equipment, line boats, trolleys etc for fishing. Advanced agriculture technology is used for processing the fish and also for cold storage.

Technologies in Floriculture

The greatest achievement in floriculture is the introduction of greenhouse which helps to cultivate different varieties of flowers in areas that does not have suitable climatic condition for its growth. State of art technologies helps to maintain the temperature, moisture level, humidity, fertigation etc through computer control. Latest agriculture technologies also help to increase the shelf life of cut flowers and also played a major role in improving the landscaping.

Technology in water management

Water management had improved a lot with the help of agriculture technologies. Improved water lifting techniques, water transport and water delivering systems has reduced the wastage of water to a great extent. Drip irrigation system help to deliver water in the root zone of the plants and avoid evaporation loss. Other technologies such as contour bunding, gully plugging and vegetative bandhara are used for conserving water.

Allied Agro Industry

Allied agro industries such as quail rearing, pig farming, apiculture, sericulture, mushroom cultivation etc also improved a lot with the advancement of technology. Extraction honey and its preservation for long period have also improved.

Animal husbandry

In animal husbandry introduction artificial insemination has improved the quality of animals and the milk and meat yield. High end technologies help to save animals from the diseases and to maintain their health which in turn provides profit to the farmer. Introduction of hybrid varieties of animals are also a result of agriculture technology.

Similarly agriculture technology improved the weed management, fertilization, pest management, soil management etc. Besides all the process of cultivation and harvesting became easy with the introduction of good quality harvesters, transplanters etc. Agriculture technology even awaked farmers to try out new crops like bio diesel crops and with the help of agriculture technology; farming will regain its glory very soon. 


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